041: How To Cure FOOD CRAVINGS w/ Nourishing Nelli

Published on: 29th July, 2021

About our guest: Britni Martinelli

Britni Martinelli is the functional nutritionist and founder of Nourishing Nelli, her nutrition practice. She studied at East Tennessee University holding a degree in Dental Hygiene and Nutrition and later went on to study and self-quantify gut and female health before beginning her practice in 2016. She’s the Author of Batch Build - a book on what and how to cook and creator of The Nourishing Knowledge MasterClass where she teaches individuals how to live their happiest and healthiest life!


Her mission is for her patients to tie the what, when, and how food formula together in a simple and sustainable method.

Britni is the creator of the Nourishing Nelli MasterClass – a guided framework for forming healthy habits unique to the individual. 


Nourishing Nelli defines nutrition as anything that feeds you physically or mentally. Nourishing Nelli encompasses Britni’s proven method of forming healthy habits via her Masterclass in combination with instructional consultation along the way. She diligently works one-on-one with patients to bio-individually reveal their path to wellness. Nourishing Nelli revolves around an intuitive method in an attempt to hone-in on what she coined “Cognitive Nutrition & Fitness”.

The Nourishing Nelli community is full of recipes, cooking techniques, and facts on the function of foods – explaining the body’s reactions in relation. NN exists to break down the truth behind trending wellness topics in a bio-individualized approach. Beyond teaching the NN MasterClass, Britni is the author of Batch Build the Book – a complete guide to mastering healthy meals in minutes and has launched a dairy-free nut milk line labeled Beetle Mylk which is sold locally in Saint Louis, Missouri. In her free time she likes to get creative with recipe development on both individual and corporate levels.

Nourishing Nelli encompasses Britni’s recipes and cooking techniques, dives into the functionality of different food groups and explains the body’s reactions in relation.

Nourishing Nelli is built around her following philosophy of the “Pillars for Living a Nourished Life” 

Webite: https://www.nourishingnelli.com/

IG: @NourishingNelli

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